About library


Scientific Library

Scientific and Technical Library of Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications named after M. Tynyshpayev - one of structural divisions of the academy. Scientific and Technical Library began its history in 1976 from the date of opening of Almaty Institute of Railway Transport Engineers.

At present, information infrastructure of the library is represented by scientific papers of academic staff, textbooks, monographs, dissertations, educational materials, classic fiction and periodicals on traditional and electronic media.

All the publications are included in the database of the electronic catalog KABIS (Kazakhstan Automated Library and Information System) and file-book of the educational process.

Library fund - a systematized collection of documents formed according to the academy profile on the basis of curricula and programs of all specialties, researches and reader's requests. The library fund has more than 1 million copies of books. Annually the library is replenished with new editions in the state, Russian and English languages.

The total area of the library is 1879.6 square meters; the area of book storage is 950 square meters. Readers are served in reading rooms. Number of reading rooms – 5. Number of seats - 240, including in the electronic reading room - 30.


Main objectives of the department:

  1. Providing readers with necessary educational and professional materials;

- forming the library fund on traditional and modern media in state and other languages in accordance with the profile of the academy and information needs of users;

- organizing and maintaining of a traditional bibliographic reference and electronic catalog database.